Blue-Mill              Strategy     Innovation     Thought Leadership

  Creating value through strategic innovation, product and change management
in healthcare, education and training, consumer products, and business services

Monika Blaumueller is a business strategist
Her last name means blue miller, hence the name Blue Mill  
She’s supported a wide range of technology startups, Fortune 500 corporations, 
non-profits, US and foreign governments, NGOs and multilateral organizations.

Short Term Consulting Accomplishment Examples 

Devised the portfolio strategy to grow a 40 year old, $650 million product line by 10% over 3 years
- 3 month project. 

Turned around for failing product line to achieve $30 million in revenues per year. - 3 month project.

Long Term Challenges

Monika also works on disruptive solutions for complex problems. These require creative approaches informed by evidence based data, and buy-in from diverse stakeholders, who may be required to adopt fundamentally different behaviors and keep adapting, iteratively. 

  1. A national security challenge: With over 65 million refugees, aid organizations are overwhelmed and their budgets are ... finite. We can make humanitarian aid fundamentally more efficient by radically changing the nature of decision making with a shift from human intuition to analytics, finding the small data in the ocean of information and harnessing it for good.

  1. China’s Diabetes Crisis: 115 million Type II Diabetics: Half a billion pre-diabetics; An aging population with multiple chronic conditions that were not in the curriculum when many of today’s doctors were in med school; A doctor shortage. Political unrest has erupted over lack of access to care. How can China re-train existing healthcare practitioners and restructure the entire medical curriculum?  The answer involves distributing a best-practices curriculum through the cloud.


  1. America’s Diabetes Crisis - Type II Diabetes costs Medicare over $200 million per year.  Yet the condition is reversible through behavior change. How can we scale these success to move a majority of Type II Diabetics in the direction of reversal and keep pre Diabetics from having the condition in the first place?  How do our healthcare providers cross the chasm to value based reimbursements? 

$65 million

$30 million